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Meet my den/living room/fireplace room?

My house isn't huge, so a lot of rooms end up being 'multi-purpose' you might say.  This room is the epitome of that.  It's the first room you enter when coming into my house, but it also doubles as a small dining room, since I took the old dining room and turned it into my living room [if you've known me over the past few years, my house is a veritable character from The Transformers; it looks one way and before you know it, it's become a completely different room]. I also have some chairs up against the window, since the room felt a little odd without anything there [and since I wrote this, those chairs have actually been swapped out for my old sofa, but that's another story]. I love this room because it has some great architectural features like the original 1930 bookcases flanking the fireplace. It's also the most colorful room in the house.  So even though it's constantly evolving, I thought I'd share a little piece of me and my home with you.

What I consider one of the best architectural features of my house: the working woodburning fireplace, original glass bookcases, and the great little bungalow windows.  It's also a perfect spot for my newest piece of art [a birthday gift from my mom].
The best Craigslist deal I ever came across: these chairs were $15.  Not $15 each. $15 for both.  I was pretty proud. The ottomans are mid century and I bought from respective thrift stores.
I just had to add this photo because Maggie was do darn cute.

People seem to love this little vignette of my teacher things: I've always organized my colored pencils and markers this way and I love using old mason jars.=

I'm so proud of my giant J! I found this at an antique store and it actually lights up, but I have to get some of the wiring fixed.  For now, it's just a symbol for Jo :) I just need to find a tiny O and I'll be complete.  You can also see two pastel pieces my Aunt did [almost all the artwork in my house is from her] The lower one is actually of me and my Mom. The above one is my favorite- reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Just a few of my books...

My little dining table that I almost never sit at, but makes a great dumping ground for my keys and bag and mail and lots of other junk!

My very discreet litter box, topped with my blue glass collection and my vintage black globe.

Some neat vases made from different mediums. Left to right: ceramic, Murano glass, recycled paper.

My front door, and my turquoise wood rack here I hang all the necessities [and display my Scrabble photo art- I need to find the site of this artist, so stay tuned for that]