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[Cozy] Formal Living Room Basics

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend! I spent mine in Atlanta, hanging out with friends and family, spending time outdoors, watching movies, cooking [SO much good food!] and relaxing. I also scoured the annual Memorial Day sales on various design sites so we could take advantage of some great furniture deals. Since I moved my business and most of my furniture over to the studio at Ponce City Market, our house has had some rooms looking a little forgotten and sparse.

The first room you enter when coming to my house is the one room my mom has wanted finished for some time. I suppose one would call this the 'formal living room', though I find the idea of formal spaces a little dated. I'm more partial to the idea of having different vignettes, some that are meant for TV watching and eating, others that are best spent reading a book in or enjoying the fireplace [we're SO going to use it this winter, I swear!]. So less, formal, more quiet and cozy. Using a combination of existing pieces and newly ordered furniture, it's finally going to get the makeover it's needed for years now! 

I wanted to keep this pair of traditional wingback chairs in the room, since the fit here so perfectly. Unfortunately, my cats have decided they make the perfect scratching post, and even though we've trained them not to scratch any of our other pieces of furniture, they just can't help themselves with the wingbacks. The other issue is the back height of the chairs.  They're about 40" high, and block the view of either the front window or the fireplace.  The room is a walkway into the rest of the house, so having smaller scale pieces with a more unassuming footprint just makes more sense. So this pair [which will eventually be reupholstered] will live in our office/craft room upstairs.

Here's a breakdown of the basic pieces that will anchor this room: we ordered three new pieces for this room, including a custom mustard velvet settee [aka: tiny sofa] and a pair of armchairs in a gray print. These upholstered pieces have a small footprint and low backs, allowing the fireplace and window to remain the focus. The fabrics are all pet friendly, and the silhouettes are more modern, which pair well with the more traditional pieces that would stay in this room. The mid century piece that will tie in my modern and traditional mixture is my Herman Miller bench I'm using as a coffee table.  [here's the story of how I acquired this classic piece!]

I also had the rug, an absolute favorite of mine, and easily the number one thing people comment on when coming over [it's from Pottery Barn, but isn't currently for sale]. It's just so warm and has such a wealth of color, making it the perfect grounding piece to design a room around. I've also got this iron and glass console sticking around. It's a versatile piece and isn't visually heavy, so it gives us a spot to place a pair of lamps [also existing, see below], without having another clunky piece of furniture to clutter up the room. 

I drew out the room to scale and placed the pieces in there prior to purchasing, so I could make sure the floor plan and scale of everything would work. I set up some pieces to signify the new furniture [no they're not the same size as what we purchased, but it still gives me a sense of place for everything]. I could have went with a larger sofa, but I knew it would make this room feel crowded and impede on the walking space towards the rest of the house.

I may also angle the chairs, flanking them alongside the fireplace. I've got some time to plan this out and fill in other details, since the settee won't be arriving for a couple months, but seeing the process of this room come together is fun for me [and hopefully mildly interesting to you!].