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Four of my Favorite Party Appetizers

Spring is packed with parties and being outdoors and good food and all things wonderful.  For Memorial Day weekend, I'm hoping to throw together a last minute gathering, which got me thinking about what I like to serve at parties. Most of the time, I keep things simple with chips, dips, cheese, crackers, and that sort of fare.  But it can be a nice surprise to make some special appetizers for friends. What's even better is all of these make great meal or side options if you're not having a party! [treat yo self] Here are four appetizer options [and all are fairly healthy!] I can always throw together in a pinch:

Meatballs are a guilty pleasure of mine. I make these all the time because they're just. so. good.  I rarely follow a recipe, since I prefer to just use what I have on hand. Here's a link to a meatball recipe I shared a while back that's tasty, but I plan to share a different iteration on here soon [my secret ingredient is greek yogurt!].

Sweet potato fries are another constant in my repertoire.  I'm pretty sure everyone in the world loves them [and if you don't, I just don't understand your logic or reasoning]. I thought I'd shared my recipe for these on the site before, but I haven't! The quick and dirty version is just preheat your oven to 400, cut your potatoes into whatever size you'd like [I'm partial to a cross between a steak fry and a skinny fry], spray with olive oil [or toss it around, but you'll use more that way], season with kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper and garlic powder, lay in a pan making sure none of the fries are touching, and bake for 15 minutes on one side, with another 5-10 on the other [depending on your fry size].  Eat with ketchup, aioli, or nothing at all.  They're that good.

Turkey roll ups can be really basic, but can easily be transformed by the ingredients you choose.  I like using spinach wraps, good quality thin sliced turkey, and a greek yogurt sauce [this one was just a mix of greek yogurt, cucumber, cilantro and lemon].  Just roll and cut into small rounds [or larger if it's part of a meal].  I served mine with salsa [oddly good combo], but they're delicious on their own. 

Finally, I LOVE artichokes. They seem super fancy and classy, but they're actually dead easy to make and serve.  This photo is of a roasted artichoke I had at a local Atlanta restaurant, but I prefer steaming mine [here's a simple recipe]. They must ALWAYS be served with some sort of garlic sauce [a mayo based is more indulgent, but I like to do a combo of mayo and greek yogurt].