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New Things from West Elm, plus a brief ramble about design and my home

After doing some design work for clients lately, I realized how much I've neglected my own home as of late.  I've been so wrapped up in the studio, but I still spend loads of time at the house [it's just nearby and my mom and the dogs and cats still all reside there, so of course I want to spend time with them!]. After helping clients with furniture placement, choosing furniture and home decor for their homes, it's reignited my love and passion for my own home and the personal spaces I've helped create.

I've also noticed that my mom has definitely caught the same 'bug' I have for design.  I'll come back to the house and notice that the pillows in some rooms have been rearranged, or a piece of art was hung in a new place. What's even better is she's doing a great job of it all! Now I think what once was seen as an expensive hobby of mine, she now sees as part of what I do and am passionate about, and is actually integral to my business. 

Creating a beautiful home is about being happy and present in your space. It doesn't have to feel overly styled and staged [though if that's your cup of tea, by all means go for it!], but it should feel like an extension of you and all the things that make you feel good. I see so many homes that are filled with all things white and gray and neutral, and they really are just stunning.  I sometimes get tempted to go down that route too, but then I remember how much I still love color and an eclectic sense of style. [well this became a ramble didn't it?]

So I'm upgrading our home with a few things to start, including this trio of vases I just picked up from West Elm. The colors in this room are in cooler tones [lots of navy and shades of gray and teal] but with a few pops of warmth [there's been phases of yellow, or coral or red]. I can't quite decide which warm color I'll stick with, but I went for these vases in shades of navy and red. Here's a description of where this pottery comes from:

"Earthy delight. Steven Alan's striped vases are handcrafted by Nicaraguan potters from fair trade collective Chaka Market Bridge. The collection helps local artisans to scale production and reach new markets."  

Pick some up for yourself on West Elm's site! I don't know if they'll stay on the dining table [though Watson seems to enjoy them being there!], but I'm really impressed with the quality of these and wish there were more I could buy!