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A Simpler Design Store: We're Still Open!

With all the mayhem of travel to London finally settling down, I realized I completely forgot about my furniture for a moment. I'm getting to see so much here and experience all kinds of things, design related and not, but A Simpler Design is still my top priority. I may be away from work for a couple weeks, but my furniture stock is still up for grabs! 


I have a good friend staying at the house while I'm away [watching four of the most important things in my life, my pets!], and he's so kindly offered to allow people to make appointments to come check out furniture. To make things easier on everyone, I cleared out my front living room and filled it with all the pieces I currently have available. 

Things are certainly nightstand heavy right now [four sets to be exact!], but everyone needs a good pair, and I imagine at least a couple will go while I'm still away. 

I also have my two mid century coffee tables still up for grabs.  They're true classics of mid century design, and work well with both modern and industrial spaces. 

This pair is my particular favorite. I love the warm, neutral color and just the right amount of distressing.

The white dresser is the largest piece I have available, and it's a classic. 

Finally, my charcoal gray nightstands are still here, though I have someone coming to check them out this week, so they may not be here for long!

Check out my shop to see all my pieces, or go to Craigslist and type 'asimplerdesign' in the keyword section to see what's available! Okay, back to London-ing for me!