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Entertaining Essential: Wine Bar.

I thought I'd share one of my latest painting projects; my first wine bar!  I found this piece a while back, and was hoping to refinish it, but things were proving difficult on that front, so I went ahead and painted it in one of my favorite blues.


I love how the blue allows the brass hardware to really pop. I left the interior unpainted. It's in such great shape, and I love the two toned look of the paint with the warm wood tones. 


The bar holds up to 24 bottles and tons of glasses, so you'll have every excuse to host wine and cheese nights [every night!]. 


This wine bar fits rather nicely in my 'formal' living room [it's really not all that formal, but it's the first living space you see when entering my house]. It would work just as well in a dining room or any other living space. It's rare to find a bar this solid and in great shape that provides a beautiful storage space for some of my favorite things [wine is some of my favorite things, fyi]. 


You can find this wine bar on Craigslist or in my shop