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Versatile Furniture pieces for slim spaces: Red Demilune Table

Since my home currently doubles as my studio and shop, I'm constantly shuffling furniture. But because I have clients here all the time, I need to make sure the house still looks beautiful and well put together, despite it being a constant work zone!


I think I do a good job of keeping things looking pulled together, but I still run into one nagging issue: space! The house is a good size, especially after the renovations we we did last year. But because the furniture business has become a full time job, I need to be able to move furniture in and out the front door on a daily basis. 

The living space right off the entry way is pretty tight, which can make moving furniture through here a challenge.  I like having a spot to throw my keys and sunglasses, and keep some of my business cards handy. The problem has been finding a piece of furniture that can serve this purpose without taking up too much space in this busy walkway.

When I came across this demilune table, I immediately knew it would be a great fit for this room. Anytime a piece of furniture has curves, it's the perfect choice for a tight space because it prevents you from bumping into corners.


I recently purchased a shade of Annie Sloan paint I hadn't tried before [Emperor's Silk] and thought it would the perfect piece to test it out on.  Needless to say, I love the color!

This table doesn't have any intricate carvings, so I used a combination of clear and dark wax to create some added interest to the surface. I also did some light sanding along the edges to add natural highlights to the piece. 

Red is the perfect accent color for this space. It's warm, inviting, and feels right at home with all the other red accents in this space.  Even though it is a little too perfect for my home, I do have it up for sale on Craigslist. Check it out here!