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Green Room Update

It's never too long before I decide to turn my entire house upside down and change around the layout of furniture. I sold a few pieces over the weekend, so I took this as an incentive to change things up a bit.  I started off by rearranging the confusing land that is the green room. Like I mentioned in this post, this room is a walk through to the most utilized living spaces of the house: the kitchen and great room. Other than the periodic performance of my mom on the baby grand, this room is a causeway.  Here's an update of its most current look:

I decided to make this space its own separate eating / game playing area.  I brought in this mid century buffet / hutch duo, which fit perfectly along that wall.  I plan to fill its shelves with my games and books, since I'm not the type who likes to display plates and serving ware [things just inevitably get dusty, so what's the point?].

I also decided to store some of my furniture pieces that are for sale in here, and right now this graphite gray dresser is holding down the fort.  I love how this neutral plays against the bright green walls. I used furniture from several time periods in this space and they all seem to work really well together.  It brings a little depth to what could easily have been a one dimensional space.

This is actually a great study of how a piece that's normally relegated to the bedroom can work quite nicely in a living or dining space. It's a perfect vessel for storage in a room that could certainly use it [in my case it will likely hold games and craft making items, but in a more formal dining space it can hold placemats, serving ware, table runners, candles for your next romantic meal, and the list goes on!

I styled the shelves of this mid century piece with random things I had lying around, so it's not really seeming to serve a purpose just yet, but it still shows how well the warm walnut tones play up against the darker wood of the round table and vintage folding church chairs.

When you want to paint walls something bright and lively, it helps to keep the color scheme of your furniture simple, erring on neutral, which makes the space feel more balanced. I brought in little hits of green in the art to continue the dialogue between the browns and grays and greens, which is what makes the space work.

This room is adjacent to another living space that is in a forever state of change, which I'll share with you in another post. This shot is one of my favorites, mostly because it shows off my adorably asleep puppy, Kona, but also because it gives you a sense of how this green room works in relation to the rest of the home. 

If there's a piece in this room that strikes you or is something you'd like to possibly purchase, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to relay you pricing!