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The Green Room: Furniture Design Dilemma!

Meet my green room.   I decided to go with a bright, happy color for the walls, since this isn't a room a spend a ton of time in, and I was getting sick of all the neutrals.  So one day, I picked up a can of paint, and went to town.  The room is especially lovely during the day, when it gets a lot of light, and I love how the green brings out the white moulding.  So there are some things I really love about this space.


The other day I spray lacquered this long mirror I found at a thrift store, with plans to sell it.  Unfortunately, I fell in love with this belgium blue beauty, and now we may never part. I love painting and selling furniture, but I sometimes get a little too attached to pieces, as if they're my children.  I have a hard time letting go! My actual child is thoroughly enjoying her cozy couch, which takes me to my dilemma...


I have a slight furniture issue: I have a large baby grand piano, and a large brown sofa, and a fairly large round table, all in one room.  Did I mention the word large too much? Exactly! This is a decent sized room [14'x14' approximately], but these behemoth, dark pieces of furniture are swallowing it up! This room is a walk through space to the kitchen and great room, so it needs to have proper flow.  But what's going on right now isn't working!


The piano is staying, partly because I really do love it and it's so beautiful when it's opened up and ready to play. My new lovely mirror is also sticking around, but everything else needs to go.  That brown sofa.  Oiy.  It was my first sofa when I moved to Atlanta, and it's the most comfortable thing EVER.  It's basically a bed disguised as a sofa [and actually makes a great spot for guests who are staying for a night or two]. But it's large.  And brown. [so over the brown]  And maybe one day I'd like to reupholster it and give it a home, but I need it to disappear for a while [it's probably going to end up pushed up in a corner of my guest room, but I'd really love to somehow squish it into a storage closet upstairs.  Either way it's a lot of work and not ideal and bleh. But something has to be done about it.  


 I actually love this table, and I think it's really great in this space.  Except for one slight caveat: I NEVER actually use it.  It was once my dining table, but now we have a dedicated dining space, and so it has become a dumping ground for junk [of course I wasn't going to show you the hoarder photo, so that pile of mess was thrown into another room!]. She's pretty, but girl's got to go.


Then there's my newest dilemma.  I done and bought another couch.  WHAT? So I can't show you what she looks like because she's actually at a friend's, but you'll understand once you see her, I promise!  It's actually a loveseat [somewhere between 5 and 6 feet long] and super slim [I believe I clocked it at 30" deep, but can't find my exact measurements].  So compared to my current situation [the 46" sofa ain't cutting it], this one is a dream. I did take one of its bolster pillows home for color reference, and boy is it cute.  I immediately thought of Jonathan Adler when I saw the color and pattern and since it was such a steal, I did a crazy thing and bought it.  $75 for the cutest sofa ever? SOLD.  But back to the problem: I have a new sofa coming, and a ton of large furniture still hanging out.  What to do?! Stay tuned for my [hopeful] solutions!