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Getting Creative with Toast: Three Simple Recipes


I'm NOT a breakfast person.  With the exception of Sundays of course, where pancakes and maple syrup are an absolute requirement. But on an average weekday, I don't really feel 100% okay with eating anything until after 9am.  Since I've been getting up to work and work out earlier, I can't go without eating for long periods. I really need the fuel to withstand a decent workout, and breakfast is essential to a healthy lifestyle [seriously just Google it, and you'll find a hundred different studies showing all the benefits].

Most days, I can get away with having a green smoothie.  Sometimes I make my own, but my staple has always been Odwalla's Superfood Smoothie.  Some days, I'll make myself an egg [I love them over easy or poached, yum!]. More often than not, I'll throw together a simple toast.  I like to change things up, and come up with different combinations of ingredients [gone are my days of just jam or peanut butter!]. 

Here are a few of my go-to toast recipes. They're all perfect for breakfast, but work just as well for a mid day snack, or a late afternoon boost.  


SWEET & CRUNCHY TOAST: Blackberry Preserves + Walnuts

RECIPE: While toasting your bread [I use a toaster oven, which makes this easy] throw a couple tablespoons of walnuts alongside the bread.  Spread a couple teaspoons of preserves [I LOVE Bonne Maman, and everything they make} and sprinkle with the walnuts.

HEALTH BENEFITS: The walnuts give you that protein boost you need in the morning, and have the good fats that combat heart disease and are great for your brain.  You can really substitute any nut here [I LOVE almonds].  Have an allergy? Sunflower seeds are a great substitute.


SUPERFOOD TOAST: Avocado + Turmeric

I found this combination, thanks to another blogger, and seriously can't get enough.  I have this for breakfast, lunch, snack, and if you want to beef it up, add an over easy egg on top.  SO GOOD.

RECIPE: While your bread is toasting, cut open your avocado, and scoop out a tablespoon or two [you can decide how much works for you, but this amount fills me up plenty]. Sprinkle with turmeric, salt and pepper [make sure to use a spoon with the turmeric, or else you'll end up with yellow finger tips for a week!]

HEALTH BENEFITS:  The name speaks for itself! Avocado has got everything you'd need for a well balanced breakfast- high in vitamins, good fats, protein, even fiber.  Turmeric has long been known to have anti-cancer  and anti-inflammatory benefits, and is chock full of antioxidants.  I sprinkle turmeric in so many dishes, but the combination with avocado is not only healthy, but a great pairing of flavors.  


SALTY & SWEET TOAST: Goat Cheese + Fig Jam

RECIPE:  While toasting, remove the goat cheese from the fridge so it can soften slightly.  Spread a couple teaspoons of goat cheese on warm bread and top with a couple teaspoons of fig jam.  

HEALTH BENEFITS:  I'm not going to say cheese is a healthy food, but there are healthier cheeses out there.  Goat cheese is definitely one of them; it's low in both fat and cholesterol and provides the protein you need in the morning.  Fig jam probably has a limited amount of fig in it, but if figs happen to be in season, pick them up! They're a great source of fiber and they've got anti-cancer benefits as well.