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My Weekend in Instagram

First stop:  Forsyth Fabrics , a mecca for fabric in Atlanta.  Their bargain section is heaven for a stylist on a budget.  Snagged this great quality herringbone panel for $7.  Can't wait to make a couple pillows out of this baby.

First stop: Forsyth Fabrics, a mecca for fabric in Atlanta.  Their bargain section is heaven for a stylist on a budget.  Snagged this great quality herringbone panel for $7.  Can't wait to make a couple pillows out of this baby.

January is a crazy month full of trade shows and travel, leaving little time to relax and have a weekend to do 'nothing.'  This past weekend is actually the ONLY one I have off this month. No need to throw me a pity party, I'm happy to have the work and be busy! To keep my head from spinning, I needed a weekend of 'nothing', just for my own sanity. So naturally, I had to fill it with all my favorite things: fabric, macarons, design scouting, bonfires and pancakes.  


Grabbed lunch at Star Provisions [If you live in Atlanta and haven't been, it's a must- amazing sandwiches and a yummy dessert selection, among other beautiful things] Picked up a couple pistachio macarons [almost too pretty to eat] and a dossant [Atlanta's take on the cronut]


After polishing off a shared dossant, we strolled over to Jonathan Adler's Atlanta store, basically a colorful Disneyland for adults.  They have amazing sales going on right now, both floor samples and accessories.  I'm trying really hard not to buy a monkey sculpture from here. 


Next stop was FLOR. I've been mulling over a rug change in my great room.  Right now there are three widely different rugs in close proximity, so I'd like to create a giant rug spanning my dining and living spaces.  The perfect solution for this is FLOR.  I absolutely love everything they do; they're incredibly easy to assemble and wear so well for a house with four animals who aim to destroy all the pretty things I own. I'm debating going BOLD with a crazy zebra rug or sticking with the FLOR tiles I already have, which are a green and blue themed Missoni style zig-zag stripe [that's a lot of descriptives]. They also make a rug called Mod Cow, which is also on my list of possibilities. HELP ME DECIDE!


After a day of eating and window shopping, I continued a sewing apprenticeship with my mom. We picked up the best deal on fabric EVER [$3/yard for this super high quality geometric gray fabric] at Forsyth. Before I knew it, we had curtain panels for the great room. Today I head to pick up curtain rods, and I'll post as soon as I have them up!


A relaxing night spent by the fire was just what I needed. Bonfires are the absolute best way to spend a weekend doing nothing!


Of course, Sunday morning pancakes are a must.  These were made with almond milk [in our attempt to go dairy free] and served up with walnuts and raspberries, and LOTS of maple syrup. Yum.

ikat-wallpaper-dining room-asimplerdesign

After stuffing myself with pancakes, I headed over to visit with friends and see their ridiculously huggable baby.  I have over their newly revamped dining room. I did a little free design consulting for them, but my favorite thing of all was helping to pick out the awesome gray ikat wallpaper. Now I'm wishing I could just paper my entire house with it.  [not really, maybe just half the house...]

This weekend was one for the books; super relaxing, creative and full of good friends and good food [and always, good design!].